Local artist Hannah Cook was gutted when she got home from a family trip to Barker’s Beach, only to realize she had accidentally left her camera behind. She retraced her steps, but by the time she reached the tree where she hung her camera bag, it was gone. “The first reactions were, report to the police and get as much information, detail about the camera and everything that’s in there, and try and send it to the relevant people, post on Ecay, post on social media,” she said.

Her luck changed when she also stopped in at Ca$hWiz.

“We had a couple come in the other day, told us that they had a camera bag and a camera with lenses that was stolen,” said Dean McGhee of Ca$hWiz. She gave staff pictures and a description of her camera bag and its contents, and waited. “Sure enough, someone came in, they brought in the bag, our diamond and watch specialist Matt Hogan saw it and immediately knew that it was the item, and so we contacted the police as we always do,” said Mr. McGhee. “They were really excited to have found the items,” said Ms. Cook. “I cried, because I didn’t think I was going to see it again.” Mr. McGhee told Cayman 27 his store is committed to helping owners recover stolen items. He described the standing invitation police have to comb the Ca$hWiz database.

He said, by now, criminals should know better than to unload hot items at his store. “If they bring stolen goods to Ca$hWiz, they’re probably gong to jail,” said Mr. McGhee.

The camera was reported stolen Sunday, and on Wednesday police told Cayman 27 they got the call from Ca$hWiz employees. Police said a woman had attempted to sell the items, but left the store in a hurry once police were called. The RCIPS is still investigating.